8 Bridal Hairstyle: Discover if it's the best for you.

8 Bridal Hairstyle: Discover if it’s the best for you.

Weddings, though is a one day occasion, are moments of love that are cherished forever. Every bride’s dream for the D-Day is to make sure everything from top to toe is simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T and an amazing bridal hairstyle is a box every bride wants to tick. 

Last week we covered on places for honeymoon in Malaysia. Do check it out if you missed that. Now lets get back to your Bridal hairstyle.

Your hair is your crown. Be it a trendy bun or a classic Indian braid, you want to choose the hairstyle that flaunts you on your big event. After all, the bride should be the talk of the day. Hence, we present you these amazing hairstyles that are a must have a look before you decide on what fits you best.

Bridal Hairstyles

  • Buns

Buns are undoubtedly THE bridal hairstyle you want if you are going for an elegant and glamorous look. These hair-up hairstyle adorned with beautiful flowers or matching pins and jewelleries will draw all attention towards the bride. You can also get a little more creative with your hairstylist and match your hairstyle with hair curls or front braids that will give you all the glam you need. So brides, walk in with a poise and steal the show with these amazing buns.

TIP: Sleek buns will also highlight the jewellery you are adorning.

curl bridal hairstyle

Curls always speaks volumes. A curl up-do is unquestionably the hairstyle that will make your hair look voluminous. The mix of colour palette in the flowers will simply add your glam.

Image Credit: Pinterest

This high-puffed bun, rolled-side front and contrasting white flowers do seem like a complicated hair-story but this hairstyle is alluring as it unites elements of both traditional and contemporary looks.

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high-puffed bridal hairstyle
classic bridal hairstyle

This is a classic hairstyle with a contemporary twist! Sure, jasmines and buns are a traditional combo but the spiral arrangement of the flowers is the hit to this hairstyle. The rather empty front portion of the hair expresses simplicity and elegance. Again, a perfect hair pin or jewellery can make this hairstyle look classy. 

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This side parted braid with a braided bun is a runway-ready hairstyle that flaunts the bride’s facial features. The beads and the tiny hair jewelleries enhances this classy look even more. One can also try an asymmetrical side partings which is equally captivating.

Image Credit: Pinterest

side parted bridal hairstyle
  • Braids

Braids adorned with flowers is a classic Indian wedding hairstyle. However, creativity and artistry does wonders so we present you four chic and modish bridal braids.

disney princess

This Disney princess braid not only makes the hair look bouncy but finds the perfect balance in wanting to look traditional in the 21st century! A contrasting coloured flowers highlights the beauty of this hairstyle.

Image Credit: Pinterest

This again is another Disney flare.  The Princess Jasmine hairstyle is loosely braided and tied together in between. The tied portions when styled with matching flowers or classy clips and pins will beautify the bride even more.

Image Credit: Pinterest

disney princess braids
side fishtail

A side fishtail braid also makes the bride look dashing but graceful at the same time. While the asymmetrical, voluminous front parting portrays a bold, flashy bride, the small white flowers brings out the subtlety and the femininity of the queen of the day.

Image Credit: Pinterest

This messy braid is flowy and accented with pink roses that makes the hairstyle altogether a stunning one! An additional high puffed front hair can make the bride look captivating and mesmerising that one cannot blink!

Image Credit: Instagram

messy braids

While all hairstyles may look desirable and trendy, the selected hairstyle should complement the jewellery, make up and the outfit itself. Together, they make a bride look breath-taking and enchanting. You would want to picture every moment of your big day and it is important that you look flawless and exquisite. Thus, it is advisable that you go for a try out and see if your selected hairstyle is apt and highlights you on your day.

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